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What Is Branding?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Think of your favorite clothing brand. Why is it your favorite? What type of clothes do they sell? How do they make you feel as a customer? What colors and images are associated with the brand? What is their "vibe"?

Branding consist of two parts. First, the visual elements. A logo, color palette, fonts, and any design elements that help tell a visual story across all forms of media. These visual elements are what distinguish a brand's identity just by looking at it. Second, is emotions and feelings. People always remember how a person, or brand, makes them feel. Did they have a good experience in a restaurant? Did they scroll for hours on a website when online shopping? How your brand evokes emotion is a key element in branding.

One of the most important pieces of branding is consistency. We react to familiarity and tend to flock to the brands we recognize. Having a consistent brand identity allows consumers to digest the information and remember who you are time and time again.

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