What Is Branding?

Think of your favorite clothing brand. Why is it your favorite? What type of clothes do they sell? How do they make you feel as a customer? What colors and images are associated with the brand? What is their "vibe"?

All of these aspects make up a company's brand. What is branding? It is the visual identity that consists of a logo, colors, fonts, imagery, and any other visual design elements of a brand. Taking it a step further, branding also involves the emotions and feelings created by the message and story.

As Jasmine Star once said, "A brand is what people say about you when you walk out of the room."

Let's take a look at Apple for example. What started out as a tech company making computers has now evolved into a world-renowned brand that is the leader in design and technology. Apple is known for its sleek and modern aesthetic and has used that as leverage to stand out from the competition. The Apple logo, packaging, and other elements all relate to each other visually and keep consistency throughout the brand. All their print and digital ads use the same font either in black or white, the packaging design for iPhone or Macbook is similar, and you can spot an Apple Store a mile away.

One of the most important pieces of branding is consistency. We react to familiarity and tend to flock to the brands we recognize. Having a consistent brand identity allows consumers to digest the information and remember who you are time and time again.

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