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What Is Earth Art?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Earth Art, also known as Land Art or Earthworks, uses the natural landscape of the earth to build art and sculptures.

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The beauty of Earth Art is that it blends in with the surroundings not disrupting the land. Typically overwhelming in size, most pieces incorporate ways for human interaction. For example, a piece might allow one to walk through it, or stand on it. Unlike traditional art, where you look at a painting hanging on a wall or a sculpture behind glass, Earth Art allows a full experience.

Back in 1970 Robert Smithson created the Spiral Jetty in Utah. It was one of the first Earth Art pieces to be created. Many artists soon followed and the Earth Art movement was born. Today Earth Art can be found all over the world, see below for a list pieces.

Earthscape Art by Andres Amador

To see all of Andres pieces, click here.

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Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson

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Moses Bridge by RO Architect

To learn more about the bridge click here.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer

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Lightning Field in New Mexico by Walter de Maria

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Egg in Forest, Passage, and other pieces by Andy Goldsworthy

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