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Avoid These 7 Branding Mistakes

Chances are you are probably making one of these seven branding mistakes. Why? Because you are thinking short term instead of long term. But no worries, these 7 mistakes can be easily fixed with a little time, effort and strategy.

As a brand you should always be thinking five to ten years ahead. Imagine where you want to be in the far future, not near future. To grow, you must think long term.

First and foremost, be authentic. Don't copy other people in your industry. This is a sign of being lazy and not taking the time to pave your own way. Do take inspiration from others, but put your own twist on it to make it align with your brand's style. Don't do something just because it's trending. Trends are not long term. It is ok to be influenced by a trend, or if trend fit's your niche, then go for it! Just remember to be true to your brand and what you stand for.

Not being consistent. Consistency is key when growing your brand. Make sure your goals and brands purpose is consistent with everything you do so you don't confuse your audience. Define who you are and stick with it.

Stop making everything so complicated. People want things fast and direct. Make your visuals and messaging easy, clear, and straightforward. Cut out all the fluff, it will save you time and your audience will be thankful.

Your brand visuals need to be on point. Take the time to create stunning work. Stop doing everything last minute and producing 'meh' quality. You have seconds to capture someone's attention, if your call to action or photos aren't amazing, you won't stop someone from wanting to know more. First impression leaves a lasting impression, be sure all your creative and marketing materials are brand worthy.

Not using social media. I know, you might hate the thought of having to post on Instagram. But social media isn't going anywhere any time soon. And the beauty of it, you don't need a master's degree from Stanford to figure it out. It is a great way to connect with your audience, reach people who didn't even know you existed, and find new customers all over the world in a real and authentic way. And the best part, to sign up for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, any of them is FREE! Why would you not take advantage of a free marketing platform?

Not having a brand voice. Your brands voice is vital. You need to be loud and proud and show the world you are memorable. Otherwise you will be lost in the shuffle and your competition will overshadow you.

Don't ignore your audience. I repeat, don't ignore your audience. They are rooting for you! Take the time to listen to their wants and needs, go over the top with customer care, respond to every Yelp Review, answer every DM, do what it takes to make them feel appreciated and that you are listening. They are your biggest supporters, without them your brand will suffer.

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