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My Favorite Photo Editing Apps

After years of trial and error, I have narrowed down my favorite phone editing apps! Each app is unique and helps me create stunning, fun and creative photos. Hope this helps, happy editing!

  • Afterlight

  • Huji

  • Facetune

  • Lightroom

  • PicsArt

  • Prequel


I have been using Afterlight for a few years now, and it's still one of my favorite apps. With all the traditional editing features, what caught my eye was the 'dust' effect. Ever wonder how bloggers create that aged and slightly worn vintage photo with scratch marks? This look is created by adding Dust Marks and Grain. Afterlight has a dozens or to choose from, and you can make them black or white.

And the best part? 100% free. Your welcome.


Remember as a kid, your parents would buy a disposable camera? You would take a ton of photos, drop the film off to be developed, and wait a week 'till it was ready? Huji is all that, but now with just a click of a button. When you open the app, it resembles the classic disposable camera. You even have to turn your phone horizontal to snap a pic. You have the option to add the date and light leak, and can upload previously taken photos to have the 'Huji' effect.

Cool huh? Download it for free and take a walk down memory lane.


Yes, the infamous FaceTune. Known for it's slimming features and creating the perfect selfie, it does do wonders for all types of photos. There are two main features I use FaceTune for. One, skin blurring. If my skin needs a little love or maybe I have a blemish, I will use the skin tools to make it look better, but still realistic. Second, the whitening tool. I typically use this for background of images that need a little brightening or if my eyes and teeth could use a touch up.

Free to download.. Version 1 and 2 available.

Don't go crazy with the editing, you don't want to look photoshopped sweety.


Lightroom by Adobe is hands down my favorite app. Being a graphic designer in San Diego, I work with the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc..) on a daily basis. Lightroom is the photo editing platform that allows you to edit every nook and cranny of your picture. You can fix lighting, color, tone, contrast, shadows.. anything and everything. Have you ever had your professional photos taken? Downloaded a preset? Lightroom is what all photographers and professionals use to edit their photos, and where presets are created. There is LightRoom for desktop, and the mobile version makes it easy to edit right from your phone!

Plus side, 100% control of the photo. Downside, you must have an account with Adobe.


Looking to add a little fun and flair to your pics? PicsArt is an easy way to add cute stickers, paint brush strokes, words, and pops of color to any photo. You can browse through hundreds of preloaded options or upload your own! This is a great alternative to photoshop if you're looking for a quick fix to spice up your photo.

Free to download, and a small subscription to add stickers and other elements (I think I paid $20/$30 for the entire year.)

Hope this helps and happy editing!

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