Finding beauty in the subtle simplicity. Studio Sisson is a creative lifestyle brand that embraces the natural form and incorporates the beauty of nature into our work. We believe in consciousness and co-creation. We are here to dive deep, seek your brands truth, and bring it forth to the world through visual expression.

We love to collaborate with like-minded individuals and brands who are determined to help make a difference. We specialize in Logo Design, Branding Identity, and Graphic Design. Let's build something beautiful together.

Our goal is to not only create beautiful design, but create educational pieces to help spread awareness about sustainable living. We may not be perfect but we make conscious choices everyday to help do our part. Like water your small impact creates a ripple effect.



Where passion meets purpose. Studio Sisson specializes in Brand Identity, Logo Design, and Graphic Design. To learn about our holistic design approach, click here




At Studio Sisson, we believe in simplicity. We believe that beauty is found within the imperfections. We apply this to our art and design, which is created by the synergy of beauty from inside oneself and the natural world around. Stand still, listen, feel, breathe.

Meet the designer, Fontayne Sisson. With a passion for design and love for the ocean, Fontayne launched Studio Sisson as a creative outlet and since has evolved into a lifestyle of sustainability, design studio, and so much more. She finds beauty in the simplicity of life and draws inspiration from the natural world around. Currently open to like-minded brands who share a similar vision and values.



Our mission is to not only create art, but to create and spread awareness on living a more sustainable lifestyle. Our passion for design is just as deep for keeping our oceans blue and our beaches clean. By creating educational pieces, we hopes to inspire others to help make a difference. 


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Finding beauty in subtle simplicity.