Unique Things To Do During Quarantine

Stuck inside? Cool, me too. Below is a list of unique things to do while you're at home. Enjoy! And no, it's not the push-up challenge or how to clean your closet.. *snooze*

Girl on bed, lounging on bed, things to do during quarantine.

1. Do something nice for your neighbor.

Do you bake the most amazing cookies? Is your side hustle creating jewelry? We're all feeling a little disconnected lately, so why not do a kind gesture and gift your neighbor with something special. Wrap it up, write a note, and leave it on their doorstep.

2. Spend quality time with your pets.

Like actually spend time with them. We're gone all the time. Either working long hours, out with friends, away on vacation... So take this time and spend quality time with your furry companion. Take 'em on an extra long walk, maybe try a new trick, treat them to a new fluffy bed.

3. Write birthday cards.

Gather a list of all your friends and family's birthday, and write them a birthday card ...now. Because when the big day rolls around you are most likely going to forget, and will send them the "Happy Birthday" text just like everybody else. So, don't be lame. Take the time and write a hand-written letter.

4. Candle Light Dinner.

You know all those decorative candles lying around the house? Well put them to good use! One night this week, use candles to light up your home. Place them in common areas and let the ambiance settle in.

5. Create A Recipe Book.

Write down all your favorite recipes and research a handful of new ones. Organize them either digitally, in a notebook, or in something where you can easily access them when it's time to cook. Trust me, after a long day of meetings and you find yourself starring hopelessly into the fridge, you'll find this recipe book to be your best friend.

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